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Q) How to assign Static IP address to Windows 10 OS


 When your required to setup Static IP Address on ethernet port in windows 10 OS .

To add the static IP Address use one of the following steps:-

  • Select Windows  ,Search for Control Panel  and select the Control Panel.

  • Select Network and Internet in Control Panel .

Network and Internet

  • Select Network and Sharing Center .

  • Select Change Adapter Setting . 

Change Adapter Setting

  • When You will select the Change adapter setting thenafter it will open a new windows of Network Connections.

Network Connections Windows

  • Select the Ethernet or Network Connection port which you have to configure the IP Address . Here I would select the Ethernet Port. Network Connections ethernet
  • Right click on Ethernet > select Properties

Network Connections ethernet properties

  • When you will select the Ethernet Properties . It will POP-UP a Ethernet Properties Tab.


  • Scroll down the "This connections uses the following items ". Then select Internet Protocol version 4  . Then Either double click on the same or Go to Properties.

Internet Protocol Version 4 properties

  • When you will select the properties then It will pop-up a new tab of Internet Protocol version 4 Properties Tab. Fill up the IP address , Subnet mask and Default Gateway as per requirement. Then Click OK

IPV4 Properties

  • After click ok on Internet Protocol version 4 Properties Tab . Then click OK on Ethernet Properties Tab. 
  • To verify the IP address . Go to Command Prompt and check the IP Address with command ip config. 
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