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How to install inux Debian package manager “dpkg” on Kali Linux ?


Debian package manager is a command-line tool which is used to install, build ,remove ,upgrade & manage packages in Debian-based Operating systems such as Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc.


To install the DEB package with DPKG  follow the below process :

Steps : 

  • Open the terminal and install OpenSSH Server.
sudo apt-get install ssh

  • To run SSH Configuration in Continuously manner for remote SSH, There would be need to remove run LEVEL by executing the command “update-rc.d -f ssh remove” . It would ask the authentication if root level login is not there. Authenticate to execute the command.
update-rc.d -f ssh remove

  • Load the default SSH Level 
update-rc.d -f ssh defaults

  • Change the default SSH Key.  The reason of change the default SSH Key are to prevent from the attacker that default SSH key can be cracked by the attacker.
$ cd /etc/ssh/
$ mkdir insecure_original_default_kali_keys
$ mv ssh_host_* insecure_original_default_kali_keys/
$ dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

  • Start the SSH Services
$sudo service ssh start

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