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How to configure Layer 3 Routed VLAN in Juniper EX-Series Switches?


Juniper EX-Series switches are a series of switch which is using for the connectivity of Users and end-points in data center and campus networks.

This article will provide  the steps to configure the  Layer 3 routed VLAN configuration in EX Series switches.


  • Login the device with the admin access.
login as:
Password :
  • Go to Configure mode mode with command ” configure/edit”.
> configure 
  • Configure the VLAN with assigning the VLAN Name and VLAN ID .
# set vlans VLAN-10 vlan-id 10
# set vlans VLAN-10 vlan-id 20
  • Assign an interface to the VLAN by specifying the to logical interface and the VLAN name as the member
#set interface ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family ethernet-switching vlan member VLAN-10
  • Create theLayer 3  subnet for the VLAN’s domain:It will reflect the hostname of device
#set interface vlan unit 10 family inet address
#set interface vlan unit 20 family inet address
  • Assign the LAYER 3 Subnet with Specific VLAN 
#set vlan VLAN-10 l3-interface vlan.10
#set vlan VLAN-20 l3-interface vlan.20
  • Commit /Save the configuration 
  • To verify the layer 3 raouted VLAN . Check in Operational mode. 
>show interface terse
>show vlan brief
Juniper Tutorial - Knowledge Base