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Full Form of FMS
Category Full Form
Accounting Fraud Management System
Business Flexible Manufacturing System
Business Facilities Management Services
Business Financial Management Services
Business Forest Management System
Business Fluid Management Systems
Business Financial Management Solutions
Business Factory Management System
Business Fatigue Management Scheme
Business Flash Management System
Business Financial Management Systems
Computer Networking Flight Management Systems
Computer Networking fieldbus Messaging System
Computer Networking Fieldbus Messaging Specification
Computer Application File Management Service
Computer Application Flash Media Server
Education Faculty of Management Studies
Electronics Forms management system
Government frequency management system
Government file maintenance system
Government formal message service
Government file management system
Government facility management system
Government Flexible Machining System
Government flux monitoring system
Government Force Management System
Government file management supervisor
Government field maintenance squadron
Business Foreign Military Sales
Other Fire Management System
Medical fibromyalgia syndrome
Military Force Module Subsystem
Other Force Mode Squad
Symbol Fresenius Medical Care Corporation
Symbol Fresenius Medical Care, A. G.
Organization Foundation for Mediterranean Studies
Organization Foundation for the Mid South
Other Federated Malay States
Other Farmington Municipal Schools
Other Feline Mcdonough Sarcoma
Other False Memory Syndrome
Softwares Financial Management Software
Science Food Management System
Sports Fuel Modified Sports
Telecommunication Fixed Mobile Substitution
Transportation Flight Management System
Transportation Fleet Management System
Other Financial Management Service
Other Fear of Missing Something
Full Form of FMS