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How to take the backup of FortiGate Firewall from SCP(Secure Copy Protocol) 


Configuration backup is the process of extracting configuration or to keep the configuration as a backup from the device. So, It can be used for the future to retrive the configuration on device.

To take the backup  the Fortigate Firewall via SCP The steps can be follow 

 Steps for CLI:-

     To take the backup of  FortiGate firewall device  via SCP , Follow the below steps :-

 1) Take the access of device on CLI 

 2) Login the switch with username and password.


 2) Go to Global mode and enable the SCP.

FortiGate-fw # config global

FortiGate-fw  (global) # set admin-scp enable

FortiGate-fw  (global) # end 

 3) Enable the SSH on interface ..

FortiGate-fw # config global

FortiGate-fw  (global) # config system interface

FortiGate-fw  (global) # edit mgmt

FortiGate-fw  (mgmt) # set allowaccess ssh

FortiGate-fw  (mgmt) # end

4) Log in to a backup server and copy the backup by using SCP:

# scp admin@10.x.x.x:sys_config fortigate_backup

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