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How to enable  VDOM in FortiGate Firewall device


VDOM (Virtual Domain) is a process to create a logical instance of Single FortiGate device into one or more virtual instance .Each virtual instance would be function as individual Fortigate Unit device.

 Steps for CLI:-

1)Take the access of device on CLI 

 2) Login the switch with username and password.


3) Enter the command to go to global mode .

FortiGate # config sys global
FortiGate (global) #set vdom-mode multi-vdom
FortiGate (global) #end

4) Configure the VDOM-Mode with command "set vdom-mode multi-vdom" . As there are two mode for VDOM 

  • Split mode
  • Multi VDOM

FortiGate (global) #set vdom-mode multi-vdom
FortiGate (global) #end

5) Enter the command "end ". IConfigure the VDOM-Mode . The  command will log out the Admin once.  After that the VDOM will be visible and can be configured..

FortiGate (global) #end

6) Login the device again .


7) Enter the command "config vdom". 

FortiGate  # config vdom

FortiGate (vdom) # 


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