October 11, 2019

How to do Hardware troubleshooting with built-in hardware diagnostic commands in fortigate device

HQIP (Hardware Quick Inspection Package) is a hardware diagnostic firmware image that detects hardware problems on Fortinet products including FortiGate, FortiWifi, FortiAnalyzer, and FortiManager. Running an HQIP test has information about wiring your device, console connection, hardware, tftp server, and connecting to the device.


  • Console access is recommended
  • Select tests require the use of loop-back cables
  • Re-cabling of your current device
  • Keep backup of the configuration file
  • Keep backup of your current firmware image in case a full recovery of the system is required

Steps for Tests:-

  1. From the CLI, run the following command to list all the hardware test items supported on the device.  the output will show test cases under these categories:
    • BIOS
    • System
    • USB
    • Button
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Network
    • Disk
    • LED
    • WiFi

    This command does not execute the actual tests:
    # diag hardware test infoList of test cases:
    bios: sysid
    bios: checksum
    bios: license
    system: cpu-config
    system: memory-config
    system: storage-config
    system: network-config
    pci: list
    pci: device-check
    usb: 2.0
    usb: 3.0
    button: nmi
    cpu: model
    cpu: performance
    memory: random
    memory: sequence
    memory: bit-flip
    memory: bit-shift
    memory: solid-bits
    network: detect
    network: init
    network: loopback
    npu: np6-ddr
    asic: ssl
    asic: eei
    asic: ddr
    disk: hdd-block-wrv
    disk: file-data
    disk: file-data2
    disk: file-varlog
    led: sys-led
    led: nic-led

    Test Parameters:
    Number of CPUs = 8
    Minimum CPU Frequency = 3000 MHz
    Minimum CPU MIPS = 6000
    Total System Memory = 16384 MB
    Number of Network Interface Controllers (NIC) = 20
    CPU/Memory Performance (MB/s): Copy = 8000, Scale = 8000, Add = 8000, Triad = 8000

  2.  To run the test suite:
    # diagnose hardware test suite all

NMI Button – NMI (button & watchdog) will be disabled after this test. (Reboot to enable it again !)
To skip this test, please press ‘N’.
Do you want to continue? (y/n) (default is n) y
Network Interface Loopback Test – Please connect ethernet/SFP cables:
[PORT1 – PORT2] … [PORT5 – WAN1] [DMZ- WAN2] (except Virtual Pair ports)

Devices that supports switch mode and interface mode will display different cable connection instructions based on the current mode that the device is running.

When the test is complete, a Test Report will be displayed, showing cases that Passed, Failed or Skipped (N/A). Save this output for reference.

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