How to change the setting of console in Cisco

Every Cisco router or a switch has a console port . To connect via the console to a Cisco device, your terminal emulation program needs to be set to the following specifications.

  The for both the console and the auxiliary ports are:-

  • Baud rate: 9600 bps,
  • Data bits: 8,
  • Parity: None,
  • Stop bits: 1,
  • Flow control: None.

To change the console speed, you simply use the speed command in line-configuration mode for console 0. The syntax for the speed command is speed . Options may vary on different platforms. Once you change the console speed, you will no longer have console access through your existing terminal setting. You will have to change the console setting on your terminal emulation program to match.

   line console 0 
   speed 115200 

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