How to configure Virtual Chassis in EX-2300 Juniper

Virtual Chassis is a feature in Ethernet Switches that allows you to interconnect two or more switches, enabling them to operate as a unified, single, high-bandwidth switch. It provides network resiliency in the form of redundant Routing Engines and network expansion flexibility with minimal impact to a configuration. \ EX 2300 Virtual Chassis Configuration All EX-2300 Read more about How to configure Virtual Chassis in EX-2300 Juniper[…]

How to disable the alarm of Ethernet Link Down in Juniper

Management interfaces are the primary interfaces for accessing the device remotely. Typically, a management interface is not connected to the in-band network, but is connected instead to the device’s internal network. If this management port is not connected (physically down), it triggers a major alarm: To disable the management ports use the following command: