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How to reset admin password of Aruba Controller


Suppose you have forgot the password of Aruba Controller . You need to restore the password of controller , So This article will provide  to restore the admin password of Aruba Controller .

Configuration Steps:-

     To restore the password of Aruba Controller  , Follow the below steps :-

 1) Take the console of Aruba Controller 

 2) Login the switch with username “password” and password “forgetme!” .

login: password
password: forgetme!

 2) Enable the mode password as “enable” .

(Aruba Controller) >enable

 3) Go to configuration mode with the use of command "Configure terminal"

(Aruba Controller) #configure terminal

 4) Enter the command "mgmt-user admin root" to reset the admin password

Aruba Controller (config) # mgmt-user admin root

Password: <new admin password>
Re-Type password: <new admin password>

5) Exit from configuration mode

Aruba Controller(config) #exit

Aruba Controller #exit

 6) Re-login using the new admin password .



To reset the enable mode password ,Use the below step :-

1) After reset the admin password and re-login of the device.

login: admin
password: <new password>

2 ) In configuration mode, Use the "enable secret" command to reset the enable mode password.

Aruba Controller(config) #enable secret

Password: <new enable password>
Re-Type password: <new enable password>

3)  Save the configuration

Aruba Controller(config) #write memory

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