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How to Configure date and time in Aruba 2930 F Switch


This article will provide  to configure the DATE AND TIME of  on Aruba 2930 F Switch. 

Configuration Steps:-

     To configure the Host Name of Aruba Device , Please follow the below steps :-

 1) Login the switch

login: username

 2) Once you will login the switch 


 3) Go to Configuration mode from operational mode

Switch# configure

 4) Configure the time-zone as per time-zone where switches are installed 

Switch(config)# # clock timezone gmt +5:30

 4) To configure the date and time at a same time use the below command:- 

Switch(config)# (config)# clock datetime 12:22:30 10/31/2020

12:22:30 GMT +05:30 Sat Oct 31 2020

will pop-up as above on screen

5) Save the configuration

Switch(config)# write memory

7)To verify the date and time on switch

Switch(config)# show time
Sat Oct 31 12:23:44 2020


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